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Queer 2Go
Bookmark on your cell phone for gay events on the go.
Who says you can't take it with you?

If you have a mobile device (cell phone) with an XHTML-compliant browser, you can get an express version of while you are out and about.

With Queer 2Go, you get ::
  • Today's gay agenda for any city in the US or Canada
  • The address and phone number to any gay business in our directory

The best part is that you can find out where a queer bar is at in Memphis without having to stop and ask for directions at Bubba's Burgers and Bait Shack.

Recommended Services and Devices

While we have no legal connection with any of these services or devices, we do have a preference. Our preference should in no way influence your decision on a provider or equipment. It is merely meant to provide you with options for accessing Queer 2Go. Now with the disclaimer out of the way, we prefer Cingular Wireless. We've had very positive experiences with Cingular, plus we like the roll-over minutes.

We like the Nokia 6820. Click on the ads, so we can afford one.

Queer 2Go Tip ::

Before you head out, check out the web version of In the gray box above your member menu, you will see a City Number. Use that as your number on Queer 2Go, and you can bypass the city selection process.

What is a web-enabled mobile device?

Let's start at the beginning. A mobile device is any portable piece of information equipment. The most common is a cell phone, but you can also have a web-enabled Palm Pilot or a BlackBerry.

Most new cell phones have a built-in internet browser capable of viewing pages from the internet. Because of the small display area on a phone, it's tedious to surf the web. Web sites with mobile versions, such as, are designed differently to accommodate the the smaller display screens.

Queer 2Go does not have any graphics to soak up your bandwidth, and has no advertisements. We cannot collect any information about your device, so it's completely safe to access.

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